Digital Lab

Digital Intermediate Process

  • Filmscan (drygate/wetgate) HD to 4K with various frame rates and aspect ratios
  • Colour management system
  • Digital colour grading
  • Digital image editing and restoration
  • Creation of Digital Source Master, Data Master (image and video data formats, BluRay, DVD), tape master
  • Film recording (FAZ) in different resolutions, frame rates and aspect ratios
  • Quality management



Content processing & distribution

  • Digitisation and encoding into various formats according to industry standards
  • Transcoding with optimal parameters into all digital formats for various systems
  • Conversion for various film and tv standards and formats without loss of image quality and with motion compensation
  • Logistics and distribution – digital data transfer and shipping of physical data carriers

Audio editing

  •  Audio – digitisation, restoration, optimisation, conversion and metadata-management

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