Film Lab Services

16mm & 35mm Film Processing

  • Color negative (ECN) certified by Kodak Imagecare
  • Color positive (ECP)
  • Black-and-white negative
  • Black-and-white-positive
  • Optical sound processing
  • Push/pull processing, bleach bypass


Film handling

  • Film preparation for analogue printing
  • Film preparation for scanning
  • Negative cutting

Film cleaning

  • Film cleaning & ultrasonic cleaning
  • Manual cleaning




  • Work print, answer print, release print
  • Commercial spots, film trailers, feature films
  • Intermediate printing
  • Printing of Color prints via internegative
  • Black-and-white dupe positive and dupe negative printing
  • Color separation printing
  • Reduction printing 35mm to 16mm
  • Blow-up printing 16mm to 35mm
  • 2-perf and 3-perf to 4-perf printing
  • Printing of 16mm and 35mm film with a continuous contact printer or optical step printer with or withough wetgate




  • Production of sound negatives with optical sound (mono, stereo) Dolby SR, SRD and DTS


  • Film projection of 35mm prints with the following aspect ratios:
    • 1:1,33 silent film format
    • 1:1,37 35mm Academy
    • 1:1,66 European widescreen format
    • 1:1,85 American widescreen format
    • 1:2,35 Cinemascope with optical sound
  • Film projection of 16mm prints with 1:1,37 aspect ratio



Film storage

  • Long-term storage of cellulose acetate and polyester films at 14°C and 40% relative humidity
  • Short-term storage (for editing) of cellulose nitrate films at 6°C and 40% relative humidity

Film screening room

  • Inspection of your films on 16mm and 35mm Steenbeck viewing tables

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