Media Asset Management – mamory


F.I.L.M. is sometimes been used as shortcut for “Flexible – International – Longlasting – Media”. Confirmed by the long experience over decades by the biggest archives worldwide, a film based media is delivering high image stability and information density. In combination with the variety of contemporary digital technologies, a roll of film can be restored and perfectly preserved as film for a long term storage. This analog, film based archival standard has proved its worth in the last century and delivers especially for the priceless and valuable cultural heritage of motion picture an ideal “store & ignore” requirement for the next decades and centuries. But some workflow procedures are merging digital elements into the analog world, and a hybrid workflow becomes standard, to deliver the requested standards for audiovisual media in archives.


Not only the recording of extensive metadata, additional image and sound information of current and historical film projects, but also the digital, fast and global access to the data is getting more essential every day.

As a result of these modified specifications, the hybrid storage is getting a central position in a modern film archive. And with the use of a media asset management and special workflows the new customer needs are fulfilled.


MAM_01-worker-taunusfilmMedia Asset Management mamory: our solution to offer quick access to the facts and figures of a project. Based on the complexity of projects, it is getting more essential, to simplify the access to the data. Images, sound and additional files of the project are merged into a spacious database, to make the quick, global and web based access possible.


MAM_02-worker-taunusfilm  The base of mamory will be the roll of film, which will be kept in storage, to save the initial historical master as unique reference for any upcoming treatment. In combination with this mamory system and in connection with its various search and cataloging possibilities, the technical service provider TF CineNova with the long experience and expertise on film will be necessary, to support the curator and archivists with help and advice, to finalize a restoration project properly. The goal is, to keep the cultural heritage and audiovisual memories on a high quality level for the next generations and to keep it as source material for further workflows.


TF CineNova in Wiesbaden together with its partner Dubidot has launched the intuitive and individual configurable mamory media asset management for archives and cinematheques. Digital audiovisual content of an analog, hybride or digital film restoration is been saved together with several additional facts and analog parameter to combine the various workflows within one project.



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